DMU Dubai Staff

Barira Shahid

Lecturer EAP and Academic Study Skills

Claire Roberts

Director of the global pathways center

Dr. Abdalellah Mohmmed

Senior Lecturer- Mechanical Engineering and Energy

Dr Hassan Ali

Programme leader

Dr Muhammad Ghalib

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Muhammad Wajid Saleem

Senior Lecturer Mechanical Engineering and Energy

Dr Pradeep George

Lecturer - Adjunct

Dr Charu Banga

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader

Dr Fabienne Chedid

Senior Lecturer - Programme leader

Dr Fatima Beena

Programme Lead- MSc Strategic & Digital Marketing

Dr Firas Armosh

MBA Global Programme leader

Dr Lea Kiwan Daniel

Faculty & Industy Engagement Lead

Dr. Nadir Ali

Programme Leader

Ruchi Aggarwal

Head of Faculty of Business and Law, Associate Professor - Professional Practice

Dr Shilpi Banerjee

Subject Lead - Department of Enterprise

Dr Souheyr Rim Hamacha

Senior Lecturer Programme leader

Miss Sarah Mohamed

Programme Lead

Stuart Lawson

Subject head for the Art, Design and Humanities (ADH) portfolio
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