DMU Dubai Staff

Amber Schoer

EAP and A&SS Faculty

Barira Shahid

EAP Lecturer

Claire Roberts

Director Global Pathways Centre

Janeeshla Jugmohan

Lecturer Mathematics

Dr. Atheer Al-Mousa

Subject Lead - Computing

Dr. Farhan Sabir Ujager

Programme Lead - Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Hassan Ali

Subject Lead Engineering

Dr. Muhammad Ghalib

Program Leader - Data Analytics

Dr. Sayed Ahmad

Program Leader - Computer Science

Ali Hassan Saleem

Lecturer - Accounting and Finance

Dr. Adham Fayad

Lecturer in Business Management

Dr. Charu Banga

Subject Lead

Dr. Fatima Beena

Programme Leader (MSc Marketing Management)

Dr. Firas Armosh

MBA Global Programme leader

Dr. Jie Sun

Programme Lead MA Fashion Management with Marketing Senior Lecturer in Fashion Management

Dr. Lea Kiwan Daniel

Programme Leader

Dr. Nadir Ali

Programme Leader (MA-HRM)

Dr. Souheyr Rim Hamacha

Subject Lead - Law

Ruchi Aggarwal

Head of Faculty of Business and Law, Associate Professor - Professional Practice

May Gamal

Lecturer - Art and Design

Sarah Mohamed

Programme Lead

Vigisha Gopalakrishnan

Subject Lead - Art & Design