Dr. Jie Sun received her Ph.D. from the University of Manchester and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Fashion Management at DMU. Her teaching interests are largely within the context of fashion and related services, with a particular focus on consumer-based strategies and related research approaches. 

Her teaching work in the UK builds on six years of university teaching in China. She is able to adapt delivery styles to the specific needs of her students based on these two different approaches, incorporating both Eastern and Western styles of education. 

In terms of her teaching philosophy, she believes in a more applied and hands-on approach to teaching, with learning extending beyond the classroom. She enjoys being supported and encouraged in the wider conversations that take place in the wider learning environment.

Recent Research Domains:  Beauty services marketing, fashion and luxury goods marketing, consumer behaviour, service innovation, stages models, consumer journeys, technology and services adoption.

Research Capabilities: Mixed-methods, in-depth interviewing, mystery service reviews, qualitative analysis, survey research, measurement item development, bivariate and multivariate analysis, causal modelling, structural models.

Book Chapters
2014--Cai, F., Sun, J., & Zhao, M. (2014). Business Etiquette. 2nd edn. Nanjing University Press
2013-- Cai, F., Sun, J., & Zhao, M. (2013). Modern Interpersonal Etiquette. Northeast Normal University Press

Luxury Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing

PhD Textile Design, Fashion & Management (renamed as PhD Fashion Marketing & Management), University of Manchester
MA Fashion Design Management, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London
BA Fashion Designing & Engineering, Jiangnan University, China

Research Methods with Cultural Context
Luxury Brand Management
Strategic Digital Marketing
Fashion Consumer Behaviour
Design Thinking

Fellow of Royal Society of Arts
INSIDE LVMH Certificate, with specialization in: Creation & Branding, Retail & Customer ExperienceFellow of Royal Society of Arts
INSIDE LVMH Certificate, with specialization in: Creation & Branding, Retail & Customer Experience

2023-- Yuen, W., Sun, J., Xin, ZY., and Liu, JQ (2023). Emotional Responses Towards Co-branding of Luxury Goods and their Spillover Effects: A Focus on Gucci. 2023 American Marketing Association (AMA) SUMMER Conference, 4th-6th August, San Francisco. USA.

2022-- McGoldrick, P. and Sun, J. (2022). Drivers and Drawbacks of Home Beauty Services: Hedonic or Utilitarian? 28th European Institute for Retailing and Services Studies (EIRASS) Conference, 12th-15th July, Baveno, Italy.

2021-- Sun, J. and McGoldrick, P. (2021). On-Demand Beauty Services:  A Challenge to Salon Based Services? 27th EIRASS Conference, 6th-9th July, (Conducted online)

2019-- Sun, J. and McGoldrick, P. (2019). When Beauty Comes to Your Home: Profiling the On-Demand Beauty Consumer.  2019 American Marketing Association (AMA) SUMMER Conference, 9th-11th August, Chicago. USA.