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Graduation Ceremony

You will receive an email invitation to your DMU email address and any personal email address you registered on the university's student record system. If you haven't received an invitation and checked your junk mail, contact the university team by email or phone. For more information, contact the Student Advice Centre at:

Tel: +971 4 4358631/32, Email:

They will be able to assist you in ensuring that you receive the necessary information for the upcoming graduation ceremony. Remember to provide them with your full name and student ID for faster assistance.

These ceremonies are for students who have passed all course elements (and received results confirmation from the exam board. Any student who passes after this date will be invited to our next ceremony in 2024. For more information, you can contact the Programme Leaders or reach the Student Advice Centre at:

Tel: +971 4 4358631/32, Email:

Some ceremonies fill up quickly, so seating might be limited; we strongly advise booking immediately to avoid disappointment. If you can no longer attend after booking, you can cancel the space, by contacting students advice center Tel: +971 4 4358631/32, Email:, which makes room for others to accommodate.

The key dates to remember are:

Graduation bookings open on 24th October 2023.
Guest ticket bookings open on 24th October 2023 for up to six initial guest tickets at AED 150 each. 
Graduation gown hire opens on 1st November and closes on 15th November. Click here to book your Graduation gown.

Preparing for your Graduation Day

Apply to graduate
Confirmation of award
Receive invitation to graduation ceremony
Register and pay fee
Attend graduation ceremony

Graduation event terms and conditions and booking policy.

Force majeure

If it is necessary for the university to cancel, reschedule or postpone any graduation ceremony due to circumstances in the university’s reasonable view as beyond the university’s control, the university will not be liable for any direct or indirect losses incurred by you or your guests. Examples of such circumstances include (but are not limited to) terrorism, civil commotion, fire, explosion, power outage, flood, adverse weather, natural disaster, industrial action or dispute, act of God, outbreak of communicable disease, epidemic or pandemic, civil emergency, day of national mourning, any law or government order, rule, regulation or action by a government or public authority. In such cases, the university will communicate any plan change immediately. It will not be liable for any losses, direct or otherwise, incurred by graduates or their guests due to delayed, postponed, or rescheduled ceremonies. You and your guests should ensure sufficient insurance protection to cover any losses you may suffer if a ceremony is cancelled, rescheduled, or postponed. We reserve the right to make amendments to our ceremonies for safety measures.

Access and disability requirements

We will endeavour to accommodate all reasonable access requirements. Please state these requirements when booking and the DMU administration will provide feedback on how we can best accommodate your needs. We understand the importance of ensuring all graduates can participate in the ceremony and create lasting memories.

Tickets for children

Graduation is a time of celebrating your achievements for you, family, and friends; children are welcome to attend the ceremonies. However, ceremonies are formal events with moments of music, theatrical lighting, and loud applause. It is not a recommended event for young children who may become restless during ceremonies. Children cannot be left unattended and must always be accompanied by a responsible adult. The safety and well-being of children are the responsibility of accompanying adults. Don’t make travel or accommodation arrangements for you or your guests until all tickets are officially confirmed via email or in person with the Student Advice Centre.

Photographs, filming and social displays:

Students may be filmed at the graduation ceremony for social media and website display. The ceremony footage may be used at future university events. Guests seated in the audience will also be filmed intermittently. The ceremonies will be photographed throughout the proceedings, including individual and group shots. These will be used on the university's social media platforms and websites and may be used for future graduation publications, promotional, and marketing purposes. DMU Dubai has ownership of all the footage and photographs taken during the graduation ceremony.

Terms and conditions of ticket sale
  • Additional tickets can only be guaranteed at any stage with a formal request.
  • Tickets are non-refundable after dispatch by the university.
  • Tickets are not transferrable to other students or guests.
  • The university reserves the right to refuse admission or ask patrons to leave if a disturbance or unwanted behaviour is reported or where it believes other patrons’ comfort, enjoyment, or security may be affected.
  • The university reserves the right to provide alternative tickets.
  • You are advised that lighting and loud music are used throughout the ceremony for visual effects, which may affect photosensitive individuals.
  • Any person wishing to enter the auditorium must have a valid ticket.
  • Please be in your seat 30 minutes before the ceremony.
  • Guests who arrive late will only be admitted during a suitable break in the ceremony, but admission can only sometimes be guaranteed. ‘Late’ is defined as after the ceremony has commenced.
  • The staff, students, and guests must wear formal attire to maintain a respectful and professional atmosphere during the ceremony. This includes avoiding casual clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. Additionally, it is essential to note that the graduates will be allocated the formal attire for the event, which they are expected to wear during the ceremony. This ensures a cohesive and uniform appearance among the graduating class.
Refund policy

Refunds will not be available for:

  • Any administrative fees paid.
  • Any guest tickets.

The university academic awards team processes personal data so that students can:

  • Be invited to the ceremony they are eligible to attend.
  • Book their student ticket and if required, guest ticket.
  • Respond to requests to surveys about their graduation experience.
  • Student data is also processed so that degree certificates can be printed with name, title and level of course.

The student’s full name, level and title of course is announced at the ceremony. Mementos and Certificate of Achievements are also announced.

Graduation event terms and conditions and booking policy.

If you have a query, you can’t find the answer to online then don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone.
Tel: +971 4 4358631/32, Email:
In the lead up to the ceremonies we are incredibly busy and will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

The ceremony will last around 3 hours.

No, just the title of the award. Full names are also read out as they appear on the student record system.

It may be possible for you to defer your attendance at graduation to a future schedule, but you must register this request with the graduation team by contacting the Student Advice Centre.

Tel: 04-4358631/32, Email:

If you or your guests have specific access or disability requirements, special seating arrangements or require support on the day, please confirm this when you book your place. We will do our best to accommodate this but may not be able to organise support on the day when we’ve not been previously notified.

You will receive your certificate on the same day, provided you have received clearance from all departments and submitted it to the DMU Student Advice Center. 

All academic tuition fee debts to the university must be cleared in full or you will not be able to graduate. Please clear any other debts such as accommodation, library or AV equipment charges. Payment plan arrangements for tuition fees agreed with the university will not permit attendance at the graduation ceremony until academic tuition fee debts are cleared in full. Student enquiries about paying debts can be directed to Fees and Funding. You can still book your place at the ceremony but you must clear the tuition fee debt before the ceremony in order to be permitted to graduate.

Yes - it’s a busy day, but we hope you will enjoy! The main points to remember for your itinerary are:
Arrive at DMU Dubai as early as possible – bearing in mind how long it might take you to park (if driving) and make your way to the Student Advice Center (SAC) – located on the ground floor. This is where you collect your student ticket. Registration and RSVP will be confirmed in advance via form submissions. The SAC team will guide you to the gowning area.

The graduands must wear the university’s full academic dress, hired in advance of the ceremony. If you have not placed your booking, click here.  
For more information, contact the Student Advice Centre at:
Tel : +971 4 4358631/32 or Email to:

Graduation is a time of celebration of your achievements for you, family, and friends; children are welcome to attend the ceremonies.
However, ceremonies are formal events with moments of darkness, music, theatrical lighting, and loud applause. It is not a recommended event for young children who may become restless during ceremonies.

Yes, some pictures and video snippets will be shared on social platforms.

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DMU Dubai Alumni - Batch of 2022
DMU Dubai Alumni - Batch of 2022