Research at DMU

At DMU, we have an ambitious Research Strategy which aims to make research central to our mission as a university. As a university committed to the public good, we have a track record of research that impacts society and makes a real difference to people’s lives through improvements to health and well-being, infrastructure, creativity, economic growth, business and civil society. 

Our commitment to research is integral to our aim to develop our students as critical thinkers. This was recognised in the assessment that accompanied the university's award of TEF Gold in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework. It was recognised that our research “fed into the curriculum through a focus on application to real-world settings and research-led work placements”.

As the United Nations (UN) designated Global Hub for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 - the only UK university to be designated as such - we have a commitment to address the UN SDGs in our research, teaching, and enterprise activity.

DMU Case Centre


Welcome to DMU Case Centre!

This Centre is a facilitative platform for faculty members and students who are involved in writing, teaching and learning through practical case studies. The De Montfort University has a focus on quality education through practical methods at main campus (Leicester) and all overseas campuses.

The De Montfort University has integrated industry engagement through writing case studies on modern corporations.

DMU Case Centre has begun to develop case studies and build a case repository on Business, IT, Computer, Engineering, Design Sciences, Energy, Mass Communication and other Emerging Technologies. DMU Case Centre provides leadership trainings, corporate consultancy and a support for writing case studies at all undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programmes.

DMU Case Centre conducts the regular FDPs (Faculty Development Programmes) for internal & external educators. DMU Case Centre is a unique hub for maintaining excellence in practical education for all colleges of De Montfort University.

DMU Case Centre is also a hub of innovation and knowledge, beginning a groundbreaking era! The Centre will serve as a platform for students and faculty to engage in cutting-edge research and develop practical solutions to the real-world challenges of the industry.

With state-of-the-art facilities and diverse case studies, it aims to catalyze intellectual growth and collaboration among students, faculty, and industry professionals. Additionally, it will also serve as a valuable resource for industry partners seeking innovative solutions

For more information, please contact our Faculty Lead, DMU Case Centre