Dr. Wajid has ten years of teaching, research, and industrial experience. He taught to undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy. Dr. Wajid is currently Senior Lecturer at the De Montfort University (DMU), Dubai in the faculty of Science, Engineering, and Computing (SEC). Previously, he worked as an Assistant Professor in University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan and Dhofar University, Oman. He also worked in Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd as an executive trainer for the vehicle general repair.

Dr. Wajid did his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Hanyang University, South Korea. His research focuses on Energy and Environment.  He has registered one patent and published 27 peer-reviewed international journal papers.

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Renewable Energy; Desalination Systems; Salinity Gradient based Power (SGP) generation systems; Carbon Capture; Artificial Neural Network based Process Optimization.

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer; Engineering Mechanics; Energy and Environment;

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Thermodynamics; Heat and Mass transfer; Sustainable Energy Systems; Energy Resources and Management