Barira Shahid is a seasoned Trainer and Lecturer having specialized in Business Communication and English as a Foreign & Second Language. With more than 15 years of teaching and training, she has marked her recognition with renowned global leaders in the education as well as industry sector across the Gulf Region.

Barira has successfully headed Learning Success Center at Curtin University providing several workshops and seminars for academic support across all the programs and specializations.

 She has extensive experience in training and coaching in the areas of Business Communication and Behavioral Sciences. She has conducted successful training projects for prominent organizations like DEWA and FedEx, UAE.

Over the course of 15 years of teaching, Barira has profoundly accomplished strong teaching values of giving knowledge and facilitating understanding; helping and challenging; respecting and supporting a wide diversity of students and student learning styles while maintaining balance and fairness. Her PhD in Education regarding SMART Learning integration has made her become an active researcher in digitalizing English learning classes into fun filled experiences of Language acquisition.

Barira’s vast experience of Guest Speaking and Public speaking has provided her immense exposure to equip her students further with efficient communication skills for personal as well as professional development.

ALLT Forum – Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching Oxford University Press

SMART Learning Integration. Digital Literacy. Emerging Industry trends. HE and Industry collaboration. SMART learning and Entrepreneurship. Personal and professional development

Academic English, Business English, Business Communication, Behavioral and Personality Development, Public Speaking, Industry Training.


PhD candidate in Education 
MA English – TEFL and Linguistics
BA – English Language, Statistics and Economics

EAP 1, EAP 2, Academic Study Skills, Business English, Communication Skills Modules, Behavioral Science Modules 

ALLT – Fall 2019 Academic Forum Abu Dhabi, UAE 
Macmillan’s Language Conference Riyadh, KSA

Presentation Certificate “Tolerance towards Academic Integrity” – ALLT, UAE
President Teachers’ Union – Riyadh, KSA
General Secretary of Commerce Executive Forum
“BOOK TALK” Guest Speaker – Amity University, Dubai
Speaker Certificate of Guest Speaking Series - Oxford University Press 
Honor Certificate of “Trainer - Communication Skills” - FedEx UAE