As an Interior Design Programme Lead at De Montfort University, Dubai campus, Sarah’s goal is to push the boundaries of design and inspire others to think beyond conventional norms. 
With over ten years of experience in industry and academia, she has successfully merged her expertise in teaching design thinking and concept development to assist students in creatively blending functionality and aesthetics in interior spaces.
Her research interest falls in artificial intelligence and Metaverse technologies (VR, XR, AR), which have opened up exciting possibilities for enhancing the design process and creating immersive environments.
Sarah is currently pursuing her PhD in setting out the design approaches of Virtual exhibitions and fashion shows in Metaverse to reduce the carbon footprint.

Sarah completed her Master's degree of science in interior design in Egypt in 2016, which was focused on leveraging Nature, mimicking what is called “Biomimicry” in internal design processes to enhance the workplace’s environment by creating a transformable sustainable environment for workers.

Her book “Lighting System in Interior Design for Modern Administration Buildings” was published in 2014. It offers a groundbreaking approach to the excellent use of office lighting systems to enhance productivity effectively in the workplace.
Sarah is part of a current project for integrating VR cutting-edge technologies in the learning process at DMUD which contributes to transforming education to its next level.
She is known for her innovative thinking and commitment to bridging the gap between academia, industry, along with digital literacy. Moreover, she is eager to learn more about technology and design; she is ready to collaborate in multidisciplinary research in any of these.


Membership of external committees: Syndicate of applied arts designers,12 years, it is a committee for all the interior designers, Egypt.

Membership of professional associations and societies: Art & Design club (innovation club), 2010-2017, academic leader for the club

Professional licenses and certificates:N/A

El Hawary, Sarah, Lighting System in Interior Design for Modern administration buildings, Lambert Academic publishing, ISBN 9783659616297, OmniScriptum S.R.L.USA,2014.

Biomimicry, Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, BIM, Sustainability, Technology, contemporary Interior Design, design thinking, research to design, modern architecture, biomaterials.

Biomimicry, Sustainability interior design, Smart buildings, Furniture design, Retail design, Conceptual design, Professional practice, and Residential design

B.Sc. of interior design and furniture, 6Th October University, Egypt (2004-2009)
MSc of interior design and Furniture, Helwan University, Egypt (2011-2016)

Visual Communication, Interior design principles, foundation design, leisure foundation design, residential buildings design

Honor certificate for the third position on class 2007, Honor certificate for excellence 2009.