Ms Vigisha is an accomplished architect and a highly experienced faculty member with over 10 years of teaching experience in Architecture and Interior Design. She is the Subject Lead for Art & Design at De Montfort University Dubai. Her career in academia started as an Adjunct Faculty in Interior Design, where she discovered her passion for sharing her knowledge with students and her dedication to the field. Aside from her academic achievements, Vigisha has also worked as a licensed architect and has completed several successful projects.

Vigisha’s research interests lie in sustainable architecture, which focuses on creating environmentally responsible designs that reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable living. Her teaching interests include sustainable architecture, building construction & technology, urban planning, Architectural & Interior design, architectural history and philosophy. She has also supervised numerous dissertation projects and mentored graduate students during their academic careers. 

She believes every design project is a chance to transform a space into a memorable experience that can be visually perceived, physically interacted with, emotionally experienced, and retained in memory. Consequently, she encourages students to think of design as a dynamic entity with a life of its own. She guides individuals to implement design methodologies that integrate individuals and actions within a lively and hospitable environment.


Professional licenses and certificates:Council Architecture - COA/2013/6093


Architecture & Sustainability of the Built Environment Conference (ASBE) 2021 National Conference. Methodologies and practices to employ smart, innovative & cost-effective landscaping techniques in the UAE 

Sustainable Architecture , Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs) , Vernacular Architecture
Arts and Crafts , Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture

Sustainable Architecture , History of Architecture , Architectural & Interior Design , Construction Technology, Vernacular Architecture , Foundation & Principles of Design, Energy Efficiency and Built Environment , BIM and Construction Project Management

PhD candidate in Architecture at De Montfort University
Master of Architecture (M. Arch) in Construction Management “ Yaswantrao Chavan University, India  2015
Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch.) Mumbai University, India - 2013



Architecture , Interior Design , Landscape Architecture, Construction Management, History of Architecture & Interior Design, Working Drawing, Building Construction, Research Methodology, Architectural Thesis

International Conference on Built Environment Science and Technology held virtually at School of Architecture and Interior Design, SRM Institute of Science and Technology on 20-21 February 2021

Two Day National E-Conference on "Skills and Architectural Education - A New Paradigm" on 23rd and 24th August 2020. Organized by Symbiosis School of Architecture, Urban Development and Planning, Pune.