Learn Why Students Require Computer Science to Succeed

Dec, 19 2023

Do you ever wonder how technology has become integral to our everyday lives and shaped the modern world? Technology touches nearly every aspect of our lives and works today, from smartphones to websites and apps. Computer scientists are behind all of this innovation and progress - the innovative problem solvers who design, build and improve the technologies we rely on. As technology evolves rapidly, a Bachelor of Computer Science degree has become increasingly important for students who want to develop in-demand skills and secure their career in the growing technology sector. This blog will discuss the reasons to choose computer science.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the scientific and practical approach to computation and its applications. It is the study of algorithms, computing systems, and artificial intelligence. The core topics covered in a computer science degree include programming, databases, software engineering, networks and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and algorithms. Students learn the theoretical foundations of computation and practical skills like coding, problem-solving, logical reasoning and more.

Some Key Benefits of Studying Computer Science

There are numerous benefits of pursuing a Bachelor of computer science degree. Here are a few of the top reasons:

Hands-on Skills for In-Demand Careers

A computer science degree provides students with highly transferable and technical skills that are in high demand. Students learn essential skills like coding, software engineering, data analytics and more that allow them to pursue careers as programmers, software engineers, cybersecurity specialists, web developers and more. According to Indeed (2023), software engineering is consistently among the most in-demand jobs.

Endless Career Opportunities

With technology changing the nature of nearly every industry, computer science graduates have various career opportunities, including jobs in the technology sector and other industries like healthcare, finance, transportation and more. Many computer science roles allow for remote working as well. Graduates can start tech startups or work with cutting-edge technologies at major companies.   

Future-Proof Your Career

As automation and AI continue advancing, computer science skills will remain highly relevant as more jobs require technical fluency. With technologies like machine learning, mobile apps, blockchain and biotechnology evolving rapidly, computer scientists can continually grow their knowledge and stay adaptable to changing job markets.

High Salaries

Computer science graduates enjoy strong earning potential throughout their careers. According to Glassdoor (2023), computer scientists can earn over $174,689 annually on average in the US. Top tech companies pay their engineers even higher salaries, especially in metropolitan areas like London.

Lifelong Learning

Continuous self-learning is core to computer science since technology is constantly advancing. Students gain problem-solving and independent study skills necessary for lifelong learning in a fast-changing field. They can take on personal projects and internships or pursue additional industry certifications to grow their skills further.

Flexibility to Combine With Other Subjects

Computer science education fosters flexibility that encourages interdisciplinary learning and career pursuits. Students can seamlessly blend programming expertise with other fields to gain a multifaceted education aligned with their diverse goals and passions. For instance, learning coding skills while studying topics in business administration prepares students for managerial roles in tech startups and the digital transformation of enterprises. Similarly, combining computer engineering with healthcare sciences equips individuals to build innovative assistive technologies and aid medical professionals through data-driven decision-making. The fusion of computer graphics and animation knowledge with artistic disciplines allows creative expression through compelling virtual worlds and multimedia experiences.

Studying Computer Science at DMU Dubai

De Montfort University (DMU) Dubai is an internationally-focused teaching university offering computer science and technology degree programmes in a world-class learning environment. 

BSc computer science at DMU Dubai equips students with strong theoretical foundations and hone their practical and applied skills. Throughout the programme, students delve deeply into core areas like programming, data structures, and algorithms through rigorous lectures, assignments and hands-on lab work. This enables them to analyse and solve complex computational problems systematically. Additionally, exposure to various elective topics such as machine learning, cybersecurity and human-computer interaction fosters creativity and an interdisciplinary mindset. 

Regular involvement of DMU Dubai's Industry Advisory Board ensures the constantly evolving curriculum aligns closely with industry needs. Upon graduating with in-depth technical skills and work-related expertise, our students are well-positioned to become pioneering developers and researchers advancing innovation globally in established organisations and ambitious startups.


Computer science opens the door to one of the best careers for long-term growth and success in today's digital economy. With technologies like AI, cloud, robotics, and 5G networks still in their relative infancy, computer scientists will be in high demand to help build the future. A Bachelor of computer science paves the way for lifelong learning, independence, transferable skills and careers that are engaging, impactful and economically rewarding for graduates. Studying at DMU Dubai provides a positive learning environment and experience to equip students with the in-demand skills required in today's ultra-competitive field. If you want to make a positive impact through technology and ensure your future career resilience, computer science with DMU Dubai could be an excellent choice.