DMU’s Perspective on Infrastructure

Jun, 12 2023

Choosing the right university is an important decision that can impact a student's academic and professional journey. One of the crucial factors in this decision-making process can be the university's infrastructure and facilities. De Montfort University (DMU) Dubai is a premier British university located strategically in Dubai International Academic City that provides a comprehensive range of facilities that cater to the needs of its students. This blog post will look closely at DMU Dubai's infrastructure, labs, and facilities.

DMU Infrastructure: Let’s take a closer look to DMU infrastructure

The following are some of the advanced facilities available in DMU: Engineering labs, Design studios, Psychology labs, IT Labs with dedicated Cybersecurity Suite and a VR Hub.

DMU Labs

DMU Dubai's modern labs offer practical experience and innovation, complementing theoretical knowledge to prepare students for successful careers. Research, simulation, workshop, engineering, and IT facilities are equipped with advanced technology and provide a platform for students to explore, experiment and develop their skills. DMU Dubai's approach to learning provides students with confidence and skills, combining practical experience with theoretical knowledge.

Simulation Labs

DMU Dubai recognises the importance of practical experience in preparing students for the professional world. As such, the university offers simulation facilities that allow students to gain a practical understanding of real-world scenarios.

IT Labs

DMU Dubai greatly emphasises providing its students with a comprehensive and technologically advanced education. To achieve this, the university is committed to ensuring students access cutting-edge technology that enhances their learning experience. One way in which DMU achieves this is by offering modern resources such as dedicated Cyber Security suite and advanced software. The high-speed Wi-Fi available to the students ensures they can connect to the internet quickly and easily, enabling them to access a vast range of online resources for research, collaboration and communication.

Engineering Labs

DMU Dubai's engineering laboratories provide a cutting-edge learning experience for engineering students, with advanced technology and equipment that complement theoretical knowledge, preparing them for successful careers. Students gain hands-on experience in their fields of study, preparing them for the challenges of the professional world.

Workshop Facilities

DMU offers students a range of well-equipped workshops that provide practical training in various fields of study, fostering a practical and innovative learning environment. Through these workshops, students can gain hands-on experience, develop practical skills and knowledge, and explore real-world scenarios, preparing them for successful careers.

Campus Facilities

The university infrastructure is tailored to meet the requirements of its students. One notable feature is the 700-seat auditorium, which hosts various events, conferences, and seminars. The campus also features conference and meeting facilities with HD video conferencing, design studios, psychology labs, and a moot court. DMU Dubai also has a gymnasium, indoor sports, a student recreation centre, and outdoor multi-purpose sports facilities.

Student Accommodation Options

DMU Dubai offers separate male and female on-campus accommodation for undergraduate and postgraduate students, providing them with a comfortable living experience. The student accommodation facilities include en-suite twin-sharing and single rooms, a gymnasium, an indoor games area, a student lounge, and housekeeping services. Students can also take advantage of the food and beverage vending machines, food court with a pay-and-eat system, car parking facility, and shuttle bus to shopping malls.

Virtual Reality Hub

DMU Dubai's innovative approach to learning is reflected in its contemporary facilities. The university provides students a unique and immersive learning experience with the latest technology. The facilities enable students to explore and experiment with cutting-edge techniques in various fields, such as architecture, engineering, and design, developing practical skills and knowledge. Moreover, the university also offers opportunities for students to collaborate with industry professionals and participate in real-world projects, giving them a taste of what it's like to work in their chosen field. This hands-on approach to learning prepares students for success in their future careers.

Modern Library and online services

DMU Dubai's modern library is a valuable resource for students. The library offers a wide range of up-to-date books, journals, and other research materials that cater to the needs of students in various fields of study. Online databases and access to scholarly journals enable students to find the most relevant and valuable information. The library's collection is regularly updated to ensure students can access the latest research and developments in their fields, providing a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Additionally, the library offers a range of resources and services to support student's academic needs, such as reference assistance and workshops on information literacy. These resources help students develop critical thinking skills and enhance their academic success.

Sports Facilities

DMU Dubai understands the importance of physical health and well-being for its students and has taken steps to provide the infrastructure that caters to this need. The university offers a variety of facilities, such as indoor and outdoor multi-purpose areas, a gymnasium, and a student recreation centre that enable students to engage in various physical activities like basketball, volleyball, football, and table tennis. These facilities allow students to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and provide a much-needed break from their academic pursuits, helping them recharge and refocus their energies.


DMU Dubai provides a wide range of facilities that meet the needs of its students. These include research centres, simulation facilities, workshops, engineering and IT resources, and modern laboratories. The university's laboratories are equipped with advanced technology and offer practical experience and innovation, preparing students for successful careers by combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. DMU Dubai's commitment to providing cutting-edge resources and a practical and innovative learning environment prepares students for successful careers in a rapidly evolving world.