Alumni Networks

What is a DMU Alumni Network?

DMU Alumni Networks are an integral part of our global alumni community and are tailored for those with a shared personal or professional interest. They provide the means to engage with DMU alumni, staff, and other industry professionals to ensure continued professional development, promote networking opportunities, advance the university’s strategic objectives and enhance the student experience.

How do they work?

Our networks are formed of DMU alumni and key staff members who are connected through DMU’s Global Alumni Community Hub (GACH). Each network encourages members to share their own industry-specific news, developments, and events in a dedicated virtual group within the GACH. We also encourage individual connections between members and the continued expansion of these groups.

Alumni Networks allow you to share success stories, publicise industry developments, showcase job opportunities and meet like-minded professionals. DMU staff will also share research, events, and initiatives that you may be interested in supporting/attending.

What networks are available to me?

The following networks are now all available to join on the GACH:

  • Arts, Design and Humanities Network
  • Business and Law Network
  • Computing, Engineering, and Media Network
  • Health & Life Sciences Network
  • Sports Network
  • Women’s Network

How do I join?

If you wish to join an upcoming network or start your own network, please contact Danielle Wright, Alumni Officer –