Dr. Hassan Ali hails from Lahore, Pakistan. Did a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary, University of London and has 14 years of experience in teaching, management and research. He has worked as head of department, lead several projects, won several research funding and published 26 Papers in leading international research journals.

Successfully published 26 papers with journals having high repute.

Energy conservation, heat transfer, renewable energy

Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer

PhD. Mechanical Engineering, Queen Mary, University of London.

Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer

14th International Heat Transfer Conference. Washington DC: ASME (2010)
21st Symposium on Transport Phenomena. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (2010)
14th International UK Heat Transfer conference, Edinbourgh, UK (2016)

PhD Student. Adnan Qamar, 2nd Supervisor.

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