At DMU Dubai he is heading B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering and M.Sc. Energy and Sustainable Development. He believes in engaging student experience, hands on learning and critical thinking as his core teaching strategies.

Dr. Hassan Ali did Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Queen Mary, University of London and comes with 15 years of experience in teaching, management, and research. He is working and Lead Engineering  at De Montfort University Dubai, has won several research funding, supervises Masters and Ph.D. Students and published 35 papers in leading international research journals. He is actively involved in collaborative research with universities and industry in Pakistan, UAE and UK. 

Core area of research are energy conservation, heat transfer, air-conditioning, and sustainable development. He is member of technical committee of CIBSE UAE, working group lead of Energy conservation Subgroup in Clean Energy Business Council MENA and collaborating with companies in UAE. He is currently working on development of Policy Guidelines for building retrofits in UAE and TM 65 “Embodied Carbon Calculation” for UAE and KSA.

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Energy conservation, heat transfer, renewable energy

Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer

PhD. Mechanical Engineering, Queen Mary, University of London.

Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer

14th International Heat Transfer Conference. Washington DC: ASME (2010)
21st Symposium on Transport Phenomena. Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (2010)
14th International UK Heat Transfer conference, Edinbourgh, UK (2016)

PhD Student. Adnan Qamar, 2nd Supervisor.