Dr. Emad has more than 15 years experience in Psychology field along with best practices in academic teaching, Practices to different educational areas in the GCC Universities, extraordinary skills in providing coordination and interface between University and community, developing innovative concepts in the field specialization and ensuring their implementation, completing projects within established timelines as assigned by the top management, permanent ability to multitask effectively in a fast-paced and challenging environment. As a researcher, his interest falls under Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology and Psychological Counseling. In December 2019 Dr. Emad has been selected as a Psychological Consultant to work with UNICEF under continuous project till September 2020.

Membership of external committees:

2021 - British Psychological Society (BPS) membership number: (663171)

2009-2013 Member of quality assurance committee Quality Assurance Dept. DAU

2012-2013 Member of Accreditation committee - Quality Assurance Dept.DAU University.

2011-2013 Member of Student Affairs committee DAU University.

2006-2007 Coordinator in the preparatory committee for the conference of science in the third millennium "reality and longing" with the collaboration of the Faculty of Educational Sciences in AL- Isra' Private University that will be held on May 2006.

2005-2006 Member of Arabic Book Conference Exhibition "Reality and Hope" which was held at the University of Jordan 26-27/4/2005.

2004-2005 Member of preparation committee “ Especial Educational Conference.

2002-2003 Administration member in the Jordanian convention of the organization of psychology.

2001-2002 Member of the scientific research committee in Jordan University as an evaluation field researcher of childcare in Jordan.

Membership of professional associations and societies:

British Psychological Society (BPS) membership number: (663171) https://www.bps.org.uk

Member Organization ORCID number: 00000002 7429 6444

Professional licenses and certificates:Master training certificate from institute of training & occupational learning  UK- 28th of May- 2017.

Shahrori, Emad, et al. (2021). Open Innovation, Organizational Behavior, And Knowledge Management: A Challenging Sustainable Balance. Journal of Behavioral Sciences, Switzerland, submitted for Publishing. https://www.mdpi.com/journal/behavsci/about

Shahrori, Emad, (2021). The impact of perception levels on processing information performance quality: Empirical Study, (on progress).

Shahrori, Emad, (2019). The Neurobiological Basis of Learners Attention Dysfunction and Relation with Personality Type. Psychology and Education Journal: ISSN 0033-3077“ SCOPUS database. Volume 56 No1, Spring 2019. http://www.psychologyandeducation.net/pae/category/volume-56-monograph-no-1-spring-2019/

Shahrori, Emad, (2017). Prevalence of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in High School students and its interference with the student Academic Performance. Dubai International Conference on Education, Humanities and Management (ICEHM-17) ISBN:978-93-84422-42-4. PP.351-355, March 13-15, 2017.

Shahrori, Emad, (2016). The impact of Garrison Model of Self-directed Learning on Improving Academic Self- Concept for Undergraduate Students"AUE as a Model. International Journal of Education, Learning, and Development. European-American journals ISSN: 2045-6297(Printed Version), ISSN: 2045 -6300 (online version). Volume (4), No 10,3 PP.36- 45, December 2016.

Shahrori, Emad, (2016). Sources of Academic Anxiety Among Undergraduate Students: Contemporary Study Between Private and Government Universities. Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies (JATERAPS) ISSN: 2141 -69090. Volume (7) No.2, PP.118-124. April 2016. http://jeteraps.scholarlinkresearch.com/issuesview.php?id=034&issue_name=Volume%207%20Number%202 http://jeteraps.scholarlinkresearch.com/abstractview.php?id=1m http://jeteraps.scholarlinkresearch.com/articles/Sources%20of%20Academic%20Anxiety.pdf

Shahrori, Emad, and Al-Taye, Wasan, (2015). The Influence of Body Mass Index, Age, and Gender on the Levels of 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D: A Study in the United Arab Emirates. Co Author. Journal of Applied Medical Sciences, ISSN:2241-2328 (Printed version), ISSN 2241-2336 (Online version). Volume (4), No. 1, PP.1-25, 2015. https://www.scienpress.com/journal_focus.asp?main_id=71&Sub_id=IV&volid=183

Shahrori, Emad, (2013). The Degree of Acquisition of Self-directed Learning Skills Among Undergraduate Students in Riyadh, An International Refereed Research Journal (DIRASAT), (ISSN 1026-3713 Volume (40), PP. 927-944, educational sciences, Supplement 3, May 2013.


Cognitive Psychology /  Biological Psychology / Developmental Psychology / Educational Psychology / Research methods in Psychology. 

Research methods in Psychology / Cognitive Psychology / Research methods in Psychology 
Educational Psychology / Empirical Psychology / Any other areas related to the psychology area. 

PhD.D. degree in Psychology       
Master degree in Psychology       
Bachelors of Psychology  

Cognitive Psychology / Biological Psychology / Developmental Psychology / Educational Psychology / Research methods in Psychology.  

Best research paper for the ERPBSS  conference  2105, Middlesex University.

Middle East Thought Leadership Forum, The Association of Arab University , 25- 27  October 2021.

Presenter at fourth applied psychology conference titled The Neurobiological bases of obsessive-compulsive disorder (A theoretical review), Thursday 10th March 2016, Middlesex University.

Presenter at the third international conference on emerging research paradigms in business and social sciences. ERPBSS, titled Sources of Academic Anxiety among Undergraduate Students Contemporary Study between Private and Government Universities, Tuesday 24th“ Thursday 26th November 2015, Middlesex University.

Award for best research paper for the ERPBSS 2105, Middlesex University.

Presenter & Session Chair (Higher Education Track) at The IAFOR Dubai Conference, (16-18/2/2018) Organized by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) in association with the IAFOR Research Center at Osaka University and IAFOR Global University Partners. www.iafor.org/about/partners , entitled: To What Extent are Universities Innovative in Teaching and Learning? A Case Study in Dubai.

The IAFOR International conference on Education 16-18 Feb. 2018 (Presenter).

10th GCC Learning Disability Conference & Workshop, Ishara Consultants, Held in Jood Palace Hotel, Dubai, 9- 10 November 2016 (Presenter).