Course Overview


Focusing on employability and enhancing your abilities, this course will help develop your analytical and numerical skills for critical evaluation and appraisal, problem identification and problem-solving skills, and practical interpersonal and team-building skills. It will also help you better articulate your skills, abilities and achievements to create a personal development portfolio for your CV and job applications. This makes the Global MBA course perfect for early career professionals and graduates.

Emphasis is placed on gaining an advanced and applied understanding of the critical aspects of international business, enabling you to critically evaluate and adapt to a wide range of Business and Management issues within a global context.


Key features


  • An early career MBA is ideal for recent graduates or those with no managerial experience. The course focuses on enhancing transferable skills and helping you articulate your abilities and achievements to grab employers’ attention when applying for jobs.
  • You will be able to participate in exclusive business talks and events, enabling you to build a network of industry contacts.
  • Please take advantage of access to the industry networks and its free informative events, business talk shows and networking sessions for all entrepreneurial students interested in innovation or wanting to start their own business.
  • The programme leaders are experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring students receive a high-quality education. They are readily available to answer any questions or concerns students may have regarding the accreditation process or the course content. 
  • DMU Dubai students can now benefit from the Industry Advisory Board, which comprises leading experts and professionals at the enterprise level. The board provides valuable insights and guidance to ensure the curriculum remains relevant and current with industry trends and demands.
  • Benefit from Education 2030, where a simplified ‘block learning’ timetable means you will study one subject at a time and have more time to engage with your learning, receive faster feedback and enjoy a better study-life balance.


  • Applicants will typically hold an undergraduate degree with a minimum pass of 2:2 or equivalent overseas qualification. 
  • Professional qualifications deemed to be of equivalent standing will be considered on an individual basis. 
  • Work experience is not a requirement. However, applications from those without formal qualifications but with significant professional experience in the relevant field will be considered individually.

If English language was not the medium of instruction in your previous academic qualification, an IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent when you start the course is essential. Students with other qualifications may also be considered.


Education 2030

We want to ensure you have the best learning experience possible and a supportive and nurturing learning community. That’s why we’re introducing a new block model for delivering the majority of our courses, known as Education 2030. This means a more simplified timetable where you will study one subject at a time instead of several at once. You will have more time to engage with your learning and get to know the teaching team and course mates. You will receive faster feedback through more regular assessment, and have a better study-life balance to enjoy other important aspects of university life.

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Course modules

  • Block 1: Leadership and Business Sustainability 
  • Block 2: Advance Strategic Management  
  • Block 3: Cross-Cultural Management and Marketing   
  • Block 4: Business Finance and Enterprise Development   
  • Block 5 & 6: One of the following:
    • Research Methods & Entrepreneurship Project 
    • Research Methods & Consulting Project (simulator)
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Note: All modules are indicative and based on the current academic session. Course information is correct at the time of publication and is subject to review. Exact modules may, therefore, vary for your intake in order to keep content current. If there are changes to your course we will, where reasonable, take steps to inform you as appropriate.

Professional Accreditations

At DMU Leicester this programme is accredited by the below-mentioned bodies. Students starting at DMU Dubai then transferring to DMU Leicester to complete their studies may be eligible to achieve the UK professional accreditations associated with this programme: contact us to find out more.

Teaching and assessments

The course relies on a mixture of weekly large group sessions, tutorials and online resources and self-directed study. Formative in-class feedback is a key strategy to engage learners to constantly reflect on how they can approach and evaluate their learning and meet the assessment outcomes.

The assessment tasks are varied through the use of portfolios which enables learners to commence assessment tasks early in the module, receive formative feedback and submit tasks together at the end of the module. 

Work experience

In the final semester of this course, you will have the option to complete the Executive Company Project, the Consultancy project or the Entrepreneurship Project. Each of these projects are offered as an alternative to a traditional theory-based dissertation, giving you the chance to apply your knowledge and experience to a specific project for an organisation, so you can gain real-world experience while studying.


Teaching contact hours

This is a full-time course and in total you should be prepared to devote approximately 2 hours of lectures, 6 hours of workshop and 2 hours of asynchronous activity each week.


Graduate careers

MBA graduates can pursue roles across the globe with a wide range of companies, in a large number of sectors. Based on their qualifications, skills and specific expertise graduates often work in managerial positions and soon climb up the corporate ladder to take leadership positions. Having gained a wide know-how, several graduates also choose to pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures.