Dazzling moments unfold as DMU Dubai celebrates graduation triumph in a spectacular ceremony.

Dec, 16 2023

De Montfort University Dubai proudly celebrated the second cohort's graduation ceremony on campus on December 15, 2023. The momentous occasion honoured the remarkable achievements of graduates who have completed various postgraduate programmes and fulfilled DMU's mission of preparing future-ready professionals for the workforce. The event served as a fitting send-off to its promising graduates who will contribute to businesses and industries in the UAE and beyond, supporting the UAE's unique ambition with its labour market. Known for its innovative approach to learning, DMU embeds sustainable education practises andsupports students' personal and professional development locally and globally. 

With its home campus in Leicester (UK), DMU, as a premier British institution, has consistently upheld its mission to provide elite education in different parts of the world. As DMU places a high value on student employability, DMU Leicester was named among the 20 best UK universities for helping students work by Forage in 2023 (a work-based learning innovator platform). Additionally, DMU Dubai in the Middle East supports DMU Leicester's esteemed reputation for academic excellence, innovation and sustainability. 

In her message to graduates, the Vice-Chancellor of DMU, Professor Katie Normington said, "I would like to congratulate you on your considerable success in achieving your degree. To undertake such a programme of study takes dedication and determination, alongside the ability to deal with intellectually demanding concepts. It is a testimony to your aptitude that you have achieved such success. De Montfort University has been awarding qualifications for over one hundred and fifty years in the UK, and we now have campuses in Dubai, Kazakhstan and Cambodia. As a DMU graduate, you join our global alumni, and we would love to hear about your achievements in the future. You continue to get career support from us as you progress in your journey through your working lives. As a professor said to me upon graduation, 'It's not what you have done to achieve our degree that is important; it is what you can now go on to do.' I wish you a very successful career ahead and 
am proud of all our graduates' achievements." 

With its grand launch in 2021 at the heart of the UAE's cosmopolitan city, Dubai, the second cohort's graduation ceremony is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the faculty and professional services staff. Since its inception, DMU Dubai has been committed to providing a premier education experience that aligns with international standards, reflecting the university's ability to nurture, educate, and empower students. DMU witnessed a spike in student numbers, drastically increasing the enrolment to over a 1000 undergraduate and postgraduate students in Dubai. This growth is attributed to the university's reputation for academic excellence and the diverse programmes that attract students from various backgrounds and interests. DMU's commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, including safe and secure on-campus student accommodation and comprehensive facilities, has also contributed to its popularity among prospective students. 

The Pro VC International of DMU Dubai, Mr Simon Bradbury, quoted, "DMU strives to provide a 
transformative educational experience in Dubai. Building on the legacy of DMU Leicester, our students are part of a global learning community and receive an education aligned to the courses delivered in Leicester (UK). Entrepreneurship is a key priority, and DMU looks to support all students and prepare them for work after graduation. I am sure our students this year will go on to achieve great things. Importantly, sustainability is central to what we do as a university, and we instil in our students those values so they can positively impact the world and contribute to a more sustainable future. Congratulations, graduates, and best wishes for a bright and prosperous future!" 

Distinguished guests, including university officials, faculty members, families, and friends, celebrated this significant milestone in the graduates' lives. The graduation ceremony featured inspirational talks, award presentations, and the conferring of degrees, all designed to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates as they embarked on their professional journeys. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and pride as the graduates were prepared to enter the next phase of their lives, armed with the knowledge and skills they had acquired at the university. The campus also welcomed prominent industrialists and entrepreneurs from local and international landscapes. Dr Avis Ellis Charles, Founder of Avis Charles Associates and a renowned fashion leader with an impressive clientele, including Victoria Beckham, added a touch of glamour and inspiration to the graduation ceremony at De Montfort University Dubai. Dr Avis holds an honorary doctorate from DMU Leicester, recognising her outstanding achievements and leadership in the field. During the ceremony, she quoted: 'When you step forward to collect your graduation certificate, cast your thoughts back to the steps you 
took to get here. The moments that challenged you were when you stepped out of your comfort zone to rise to the occasion of your potential. Remember those moments because they will remind you how brilliant you are.'

As per Prof. Michael Gallimore, Head of Campus, DMU Dubai: "With their breadth of knowledge and skills for the future, DMU graduates are well prepared for their careers and to positively impact society. Since 1870, DMU has instilled a strong sense of social responsibility in its learners by providing an authentic, engaging and empowering experience. DMU ensures that its graduates excel professionally and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. We take great pride as we watch them enter their careers with the values, creativity, and concern for their environment as agents of change. We look forward to watching them develop into future leaders and innovators driven to solve our global challenges and create a more equitable and inclusive society."  

De Montfort University Dubai (DMU Dubai), a premier British institution based in Dubai International 
Academic City, offers various foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree courses. With a commitment to academic excellence and a global perspective, DMU Dubai prepares students for success in their chosen fields. Admissions are open for the 2024 intakes. For more information, visit:  www.dmu.ac.ae . Follow the latest news on DMU social media: @dmudubai.