Accounting & Finance Programme: A Ready Career Path in Dubai?

Jul, 26 2023

Choosing a career path is one of life's most significant decisions. If you're considering a degree in accounting and finance, you might have many questions like "Is this the right choice? Will it lead to a rewarding career?" Today, we delve deep into these concerns and explore why an accounting and finance programme can be your stepping stone to a successful career, especially in a thriving economic hub like Dubai.

What's the relevance of Accounting and Finance in Business? 

To fully understand an accounting and finance course, it's crucial to understand its role in business. Essentially, accounting and finance is the backbone of any enterprise. They ensure monetary transactions are recorded accurately, financial resources are managed effectively, and business strategies are developed based on sound financial analysis. This intricate balance between numbers and business strategies makes accounting and finance a comprehensive choice for career-minded individuals. 

It is not the end; the benefits of accounting and finance function continues; this function impedes a business’s ability to operate effectively, make informed decisions, comply with financial regulations, attract investments, and manage its resources effectively. It is crucial that every business employs dedicated accounting and finance professionals to ensure financial stability and success. 

Let's be an Auditor! 

As an auditor, you would be responsible for examining financial records, ensuring they are accurate and compliant with relevant laws and regulations. It's a role that requires attention to detail, analytical skills, and a strong understanding of accounting principles. To become an auditor, completing a BSc degree in accounting and finance is a good starting point. This programme typically covers all technical skills which are required to be a successful Auditor, in addition to the dedicated Audit and Assurance, forensic Accounting / Audit modules. It provides you with a solid foundation in both accounting / auditing theory and practical skills. Also, don't forget to get benefits from the exemptions available for accounting and finance graduates by world renowned accounting professional qualification like ACCA, ICAEW etc.

How do accounting and finance programme help developing Tax skills? 

Accounting and finance programs typically include courses specifically focused on taxation. They provide students with a solid foundation in understanding tax concepts, tax planning, compliance, and reporting requirements. The Programme incorporates practical assignments, case studies, and simulations related to tax preparation, and planning. These practical exercises allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world tax scenarios, helping them develop practical tax skills.  

Taxation is heavily influenced by legal and regulatory frameworks. Accounting and finance programs typically cover relevant laws and regulations, including tax codes and legislation. By studying these aspects, students gain an understanding of the legal environment in which tax professionals operate and learn how to interpret and apply tax laws effectively.

Mastering Career Success in Accounting and Finance 

An accounting and finance degree opens the doors to a truly international career. Whether becoming a financial analyst, a tax consultant, a management accountant, a compliance officer, or even starting your accounting firm, the possibilities are broad and varied. Our corporate connect activities, such as guest lectures, industry visits, and internships, provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical experience, enhancing students’ understanding of accounting and finance concepts in a business context. This strong industry connection offers our students skills development, networking opportunities, employment support and professional development.